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It began in Poland in 1989! Recalling the experiences of the last 30 years, together — the old with the young — we would like to talk about the values underlying Poland’s transformation, such as: freedom, democracy, solidarity, the rule of law, justice, self-governance, openness, tolerance, inclusivity and progress. That is why the International Institute of Civil Society became a partner of the initiative “30th Year of Freedom”.

The past 30 years have consisted of numerous changes and reforms in Poland and Europe. 20 years ago we entered NATO - gaining an international guarantee of the security of our borders. 15 years ago we became a member of the European Union, a community which built peace and prosperity in a large part of our continent. The symbol  of these many changes is June 4 - Freedom Day!

The initiative "30th Year of Freedom" is an open action platform for everyone — men and women, non-governmental organizations, schools, institutions, communities and companies — for which freedom is important. It was established by 30 non-governmental organizations. Within it, openness, diversity and pluralism are key — everybody can celebrate 30 years of Polish transformation in their own way.

Therefore, if you’re planning or working on a project related to the 30th anniversary of the beginning of democratic transformation in Poland (or related to important affairs over the past 30 years), submit it to our database via the form on our website today! We’ll tell others about your project! Let’s celebrate the 30th Year of Freedom together.

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