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March 8, 2020 marked 30 years since the enactment of the Local Government Act. It was a turning point in Polish history! This is why the International Institute of Civil Society has joined the 2020 Year of Self-Governance Coalition.

The 2020 Year of Self-Governance Coalition was formed by the Foundation for the Development of Local Democracy on behalf of Jerzy Regulski, as well as the social initiative 30 Years of Freedom in connection with the 30th anniversary of self-governance in Poland. NGOs, social initiatives, and informal groups interested in the development of the civil society all belong to the coalition.

Thirty years of efficiently functioning local government is undoubtedly one of the biggest successes of the Third Polish Republic. 2020 is not just a time to celebrate the jubilee of the Local Government Act’s enactment and the first free local elections. It is also a moment when the meaning and role of self-governance in Poland should be firmly stressed. We — the citizens — are self-government, and self-governance is a pillar of democracy.

We want to speak about the values underlying democracy, such as: self-governance, freedom, solidarity, the rule of law, justice, openness, and tolerance. 

The 2020 Year of Self-Governance Coalition’s goal is not just the celebration of 30 years of self-governance via the organization of various anniversary events and integration of organizations and local societies around them, but most of all the expansion of public knowledge in terms of the functioning of local government and the constitutional principal of subsidiarity. The Coalition’s main objective is a civic “education for democracy” in the spirit of freedom, self-governance and solidarity.

The Coalition is open and can be joined at any moment. We encourage you to visit the website and submit your own project: