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About Us

The International Institute of Civil Society (MISO) is an independent, not-for-profit non-governmental organization (Foundation) established by Mateusz Komorowski on the 13th of January of 2012 in Warsaw. The Institute’s motto is Together We Can Do More. It is not bound by religious beliefs or aimed at generating profit – it acts as a non-profit organisation, pro publico bono.


The aim of the International Institute of Civil Society is to promote the idea of Civil Society, encourage citizens to take part in public activities and engage them to actively participate in civil and economic activities of the state, in particular by:

  • Helping citizens to obtain and spread knowledge and qualifications that are crucial for members of society in their social and political activities;
  • Supporting all activities aimed at the development of local communities;
  • Popularising civil rights and civil liberties, as well as human rights and activities that; support the development of democracy;
  • Supporting local communities;
  • Strengthening European integration, international cooperation and cross-national communication;
  • Facilitating citizens' contact with international institutions and organizations;
  • Raising national, civic, and cultural awareness;
  • Popularising sports and tourism;
  • Promoting and protecting environmental heritage;
  • Popularising public order and security, as well as counter-acting social pathologies;
  • Contributing to economic development and entrepreneurship.


The International Institute of Civil Society’s Centre for Analysis (CA MISO) is an expert-analytical unit established in 2017, functioning within the statutory framework of the Institute.