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On April 24, 2024, the International Institute of Civil Society (MISO) hosted a presentation of the survey report entitled "Political Trust Barometer. "Political trust barometer", which indicates the attitudes of Poles towards the society, politicians, institutions and organizations. The event was organized by MISO in cooperation with OpinionWay Poland, whose representatives, i.e. Piotr Sztabiński (deputy managing director) and Marcin Hinz (director of qualitative research and MISO associate), presented and discussed in detail selected data and matters.

In the first part of the presentation, Piotr Sztabiński presented the results of the survey on the public trust and Poles' opinions on politics and public life. He stressed that Poles show interest in international affairs, and that, at the same time, they are worried about the situation in Poland's immediate vicinity.

However, contrary to expectations, most the Poles surveyed manifest calmness and a generally positive state of mind, which surprised the researchers. As the presenter stated, "To our surprise, calmness and positive state of mind were the answers that most Poles marked in the question about their attitudes."

Nevertheless, there is also a noticeable distrust in interpersonal contacts and towards institutions such as politics and politicians. As Piotr Sztabinski pointed out, "67% of Poles believe that one should be cautious when interacting with people."

The research indicates a huge lack of trust among Poles in politicians and public institutions, which translates into the low involvement in social life. Despite their declared interest in politics, the public tends to be distrustful and skeptical towards decision-makers and to lack confidence in impact of their opinions on the country's politics.

It is noteworthy that Poles also show some positive attitudes, such as identification with the community (the highest result among all countries surveyed), and the belief in having values and principles.

Survey co-author Marcin Hinz, when summarizing the presentation, pointed out an interesting paradox: "Although we are still enthusiastic about the European idea, we are not willing to transfer more authority to the European Union institutions."

The meeting ended with a dynamic discussion, during which participants analyzed the results of the survey and shared their thoughts and insights on civil society and the socio-political condition of Poland.

"The Political Trust Barometer" has been conducted by the OpinionWay research group for 15 years. From the beginning, the survey was conducted in France, in cooperation with CEVIPOF (a research center at Sciences Po - one of France's grandes écoles). Over time, Germany and Italy were included. This year, for the first time, the survey was conducted in Poland.